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As far as the makeup thing goes, I am a guy as well and do wear makeup at special occasions, I know it's not the best thing out there but as long as you get good quality and apply it the right way making it unnoticeable to others, it's fine.People don't spot you wearing makeup unless they step closer and take a good look at your skin under bright lighting.I use Clinique makeup which is fragrance free and doesnt close the pores.Makeup does up skin eventually but well, sometimes you just feel you could wear any kind of makeup as long as it covers everything and makes you feel good and confident for a special occasion.

And as for being weird and gay, that's totally bullocks.Male celebrities wear makeup all the time, in movies, photoshoots ...everywhere.Using the right tactics applying it can play a huge role in whether people spotting you wearing makeup or not.

And besides, even if people do notice you're wearing makeup, so what? It's the 21st century, one should not be frightened by anyone elses perception of him.

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