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well since spiro is an anti-androgen.....androgen aka testosterone aka human sex being surpressed i cant be sexually aroused even if say britney spears was a foot away from me in a sexy outfit.hey but i can still love a girl i just cant do sexual things.guys think of sex more than woman because they produce more woman their testosterone level rises before their period and thats when they feel sexiest.if they produce too much testosterone or their sebasious glands are sensative to testosterone they breakout.ok estrogen is why woman have better,softer skin than men because they produce a lot more of it.estrogen also can work as an anti-androgen but you would need a lot unless you use an anti-androgen with it.woman lose the ability to produce estrogen when they get older so they go on HRT to regain better looking skin ect.but the drawbacks of HRT is the possibiltity of getting blood clots,cancer ect.i dont drink or smoke or take illegal drugs so im am doing really good on this combination.i may not be super in the bed but least i have gained some measure of feeling good about myself.if i was a derm i would have reservations about prescribing this to any male under 30 unless i had papers from a psyciatrist saying this was causing the acne sufferer major mental damage.really under 20 would be real hard to prescribe to a male cause the body is still growing and spiro would stunt the body from maturing and hopefully outgrowing acne.the male patient with acne.....and i mean severe with everything else tried including accutane....must be well informed of all possible risks before going on could have actually benifited bill clinton lol.i cant see a better drug to give sex offenders that cant control their would be a good deturent to any one thinking of commiting a sex crime.its not cruel i cant see why our govt doesnt use it.back to the main subject is that spiro with or without estrogen can work wonders on both males and females but males will notice the drop in their sex drive more because they produce more testosterone and it also might take more to surpress their hormones.take care.

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