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i figured out the reason Cetaphil was causing more breakouts was because it was a very old bottle. i had given up and started to used just water but that wrecked havoc. it made me flake and get more whiteheads. so then i bought a new bottle of Cetaphil and realized that the new bottle was thicker in consistency that my old one. after about 2-3 weeks on it, my face is starting to normalize although it still gets dry in the mornings.

we might have similar skin...the flakiness and bumpiness on the forehead. i have this bottle of Aquanil under my sink. it doens't leave a sticky film on your face? i hate the smell and yes, it is hard to find in drug stores. other people have trieds Eucerin soap-less face wash with more success.

i think i will switch back to Aquanil tongiht and see what happens.

if too many products are aggravating our skin why can't we just use a face wash with ONE or TWO products taht will effectively cleanse the skin?

btw, i applied extra virgin coconut oil on one side of my forehead for a few days and the whiteheads actually decreased. the other side, i was using Neutrogena's Multi-Vit acne treatment and my skin became so red and more pimply. i would think about doing this for the long term if i could find an easier way to dispense coconut oil (i scoop it out of a big tub now). another oil i would try is jojoba oil.

one theory on why some people may get acne is that when they use cleansers that dry out the top layer of skin, it shrinks the porse too much and the oil from underneath has nowhere to go. so it stays trapped underneath, forming a plug. if we use good oils like coconut and jojoba to open up the pore and dilute the sebum so that it can flow out, we would prevent the formation of a pimple. plus, coconut oil has natural vitamins to nourish your skin.

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