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Well that's why these studies must differentiate among the various types of fats, carbohydrates, proteins, hormones, and nutrients. Without specifying what types they tested for or used in an experiment, it greatly misleads the population into thinking "oh all fat is bad" or "oh all carbs are bad", and that is not the case.

LOL, I am trying to improve my diet more, but the more I try, the harder it is to do, without cooking the majority of my food from scratch. I don't know if I will ever have a "perfect" diet, but the changes I've made have definately yielded results too. For the record I still eat red meat, chicken, turkey, fish, and pork (occassionally) and it generally isn't organic so it may be loaded with extra hormones. Maybe that or the fact that I still consume some fried/cooked oils (none that are fried & trans fats though), and consume refined rice may account for my 1%. Who knows there's still a few possibilities, but whatever works for me, may not work for you and vice versa. Prometheus can eat all the fruits and veggies she wants, just as long as she doesn't eat food on her "Bad" List. I've known others that have eliminated all grains, and select vegetables, and they were able to eat (organic) [B]High[/B] Fat dairy (something to do with casien being bad)! so there are many combinations out there and we've gotta find our own. Say, what are you avoiding again?
LOL. Hot Pockets and Cereal? Lucky you.

I personally do not eat any grains. I found that a person of my stature requires a lot of carbs to maintain energy - and without grains the options are few and far between. Vegetables just don't add up. You can eat 10 pounds of veggies before you hit my requirement for the day.

Solution: I eat 2-3 beauregard yams per day. It's a tuber, and in my opinion the most underrated food available to us. The other sources of carbs for me is the acorn squash and apple, but that's it.
There is one thing that confuses me. A lot of people say grains cause acne. However, the list of foods at the very beginning of this post state that oats are not a problem. Aren't oats part of the grains food group?
"Andrew29", grains arenít good but oatmeal is. There is a difference in the two.

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