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:wave: I posted about a month ago stating my starting a regiment with Pantothenic Acid and seeing less facial oil and less breakouts. Here is my next follow-up:

Only have had two to three days during the last month that a few cysts appeared but they really didn't get that bad. Face has stabilized and far fewer breakouts and less oil than pre regiment days (I have been battling acne for 1.5 years at age 35 after 10-12 clear years - used accutane at age 21). I made a few changes and tried the Dermasponge Microdermabrasion for scaring and persistent redness on forehead and cheeks.

I switched multivitamins to the one a day "CarbSmart" it has good number of B vitamins (150% RDA) and Zinc (150% RDA) without iodine.
Each day I am taking 4 gram of Pantothenic Acid, 500 mg Inositol, 1200 mcg Biotin, & 500 mg Reduced Flush Niacin.

I ordered and tried my first treatment of Dermasponge last week (supposed to do a treatment every other week). It did a good job reducing the redness on my face after two days. I did notice a little smoothness on some of my acne scares. It's really too soon to say if it is going to be successful but I am happy with the first treatment. It really does scrape the top layer of your face pretty good. I did the application for the minimum one minute and it was plenty. It leaves your face like it was sunburned. My face had slight peeling over the next few days, but nothing serious.

I will keep everyone updated to the progress of the regiment and dermasponge. :bouncing:

Anybody had good long term success with dermasponge (completing all treatments - I ordered the 4 pack)?

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