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Hey Surenitynow

[B]Here is what I (try to) eat:[/B]

Veggies: GREEN ones (kale, broccoli, zuccini, spinach, wakame, brussels sprouts, aparagus, string beans), cauliflower, garlic, onions, red and green pepers, tomatoes

Fresh herbs: cilantro, parsley, basil

Protein: Tofu, tofu and more tofu. Though I've been attempting to incorporate fish into my diet (ie salmon, tuna etc) coz its SOO good for the skin. Some of my protein comes from cottage cheese or live yoghurt. I also eat 'cheese' made from brown rice from a company called Soyco. Keep in mind too that yoghurt is rich in intestinal flora enhancing bacteria that helps to keep your system in shape and hence, not shows the signs of sluggishness on your face.

Fruit: cantelope, honeydew, kiwis, blueberries, pears, strawberries, pomegranite

Nuts: raw cashew, hazelnut, almond

Grain/pulses: a few times a week I have wild rice mixed with a little white sushi rice but only put 1/3 cup on my plate. Quinoa and barley. Mulitgrain organic oatmeal made with rice or almond milk, Kidney beans, garbonza beans.

Supplimennts: multi, calcium with magnesium, iron, tablespoon a day of flax oil and a multi that is just for the skin called "Age-less Skin Formula" by Bluebonnet which has C Ester, Alpha Lipoic Acid and DMAE

Fats: flax seed oil, avocado, olive oilm nuts, (salmon IF I ate fish)

What I DO eat but [U]very sparingly[/U]: 85% cocoa chocolate, good quality butter, bread made not with white flour but flax meal. I also DO go out with friends at least once a week and eat everything!!! But I figure, if I'm eating 21 meals a week and at least 18 of them are EXTREMELY healthy then I should be fine with the little treat!!

[B]What I AVOID:[/B]

coffee, anything made with sugar or white flour, dairy (except cottage cheese and yoghurt - I don't eat eggs personally but they're ok to eat) cakes, bread, pasta, bananas.

When I started eating like this, i basically went to a supermarket that has a GREAT veggie/fruit section (and a list of 'not' veggies like corn, bananas, watermelon etc) and thought "BUY GREEN STUFF" and bought a variety of veggies - some of which I'd never tried before - that looked really fresh. THEN, I went online and searched for recipes using the ingrediants.

I think what stops people from eating well, is that they don't know how to make healthy food taste good. We're just so used to filing ourselves up on prepackaged crap.

Also keep in mind that ANY type of food can trigger acne in various people. For one person papaya might be ok, for another, they may get acne.

BTW: I've been keeping at this diet for over a month and my skin has cleared up but last week I couldn't be bothered to come home and cook (i make all lunches at home and take to work) so just ate lunch out (and ate some convenient quick stuff) and I just got a cyst on my chin - so I REALLY think that some foods DO cause a problem.

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