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Getting Rid Of Acne
Jul 25, 2004
I'm 16, female, and have moderate acne. Not too many scars, but the ones I have are cuz i picked :p Anyways, I was on Bezamycin for about 3 yrs..initally it worked well, but (like it says) it lost it's effectiveness. About 2 wks ago, my doc put my on Clindets wipes (clindamycin), and I have been on them for about a week and a bit now. I know they say to wait a month or so, but my acne seems to be getting worse. I want to go back to my doc, and stop using the wipes before my acne gets REALLY bad. I'm considering asking to be put on an oral med. She said she doesnt like to, because it's always better to treat from the outside, but I dont want to try 200 diff products only to realize nothing works. I want to get rid of my zits!!! (Like I know all of you do too!) I was reading about ppl's stories with accutane, and I dont really want to try it based on the skin isnt absolutely horrible, just it's not wonderfully clear either. I'm not able to change my diet, and I dont want to try any natural things. I use Cetaphil 2x a day (morning and night). Now that it's summer, I dont wear much makeup....

Now for my question to you- what have been your "miracle treatments" to say the least. Topical creams, oral meds, whatever- please share your story and offer some insight as to what I should consider to clear up my face (also, mention side effects plz!!) I hope that some of you have found your happy place and have clear(er) skin! Thank you!!!:D
I also used the clindamycin wipes. They totally made my face worse. The clindamycin is very powerful. It was literally eating my skin. I also tried accutain. That was to strong for my face. You might have sensitive skin like me. I wouldn't use that clindamycin anymore.
I have found what works best for me. I use a Neutrogena cleanser, Dove Toner and Neutrogena Multi Vitamin acne treatment. This is a lotion with salicid acid and alot of vitamins in it.
Also, leave the toner on permanentely. Alot of people use a toner and then wash it off. Your supposed to leave it on your face and not wipe it off.
The same with the Neutrogena Multi Vitamin acne treatment. The cleanser I leave on my face for like 45 seconds then wash it off. My face is so clear now. Yes I break out once in awhile, but what i'm using now works best to clear up my face.

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