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Hello....ive had mild acne for a while now and recently broke out badly. So i went to my doctor and he suggest 'PanOxyl'....which is benzoyl peroxide 10%. I used a small amount at bedtime and in the morning. After a few days I noticed I had no more breakouts...good news. So i woke up the other day and went to yawn and it literally hurt. My face was so dry i couldnt even open my mouth. I looked at the 'damage' and i looked like a tomato! I had been completely dried out. It has been two days and very little has changed....even tho i have discontinued to use the gel for the time being. I continue to use clearasil foaming wash a couple times a day.

Has anybody else had this problem? Will the redness/dryness eventually go away? What type of moisturizers do you use to combat dryness? I have been using a water based Keri lotion that isnt doing much good.

I plan to either reduce my use of the gel or get a lower percentage (2.5% or 5%). I just need advice as to what to do to get my face from being this dry! Thanks.
I wouldn't be too concerned, however bad it may look for the moment. A lot of people experience bad initial reactions, particularly at that strength. It's possible that you have some kind of an allergy to one of the ingredients, but it sounds more like the customary dryness. I would definitely switch to a lesser strength until your skin has time to adjust. I use Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture for Sensitive Skin and it is very effective while having the advantage of fast absorbtion.
when i used pro activ(crap) and bp 10% my skin was horribly dry/red and blotchy... within a few days of quitting it the dryness went away and a little later the redness and blotchiness faded.. i wouldnt worryu about it... it will go away give it time.. i didnt even use ne moisturizers... just washed with a moisturizing dove soap insteead
Moisturize with jojoba oil. It should help the irritation.
i only use benzoyl peroxide at night since it can make your face dry out and not too appealing, then I moisturize, but in the morning I just moisturize...
I use panoxyl on active zits only, to dry them out quicker, don't use it all over your face, it'll become flakey and burnt.

good thing is that after the flakyness goes away, your skin becomes clearer, the blemishes sort of fade away.
for me I have to use a lower strength (such as 2.5%) BP like neutrogena on the spot, then a lot of moisturizer, and nothing else. It works wonders for me if I do it right-however when I've used too much BP and didn't use moisturizer I had the problem that you were describing. I think most people do if they are not used to BP.

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