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i just started taking accutane 5 days ago and my dermatologist is starting me on one 40 mg pill per day for two weeks, then i have to go back and then start two 40mg pills a day. i was previously just on minocycline, using Ovace wash, and using Duac topical treatment. I was on these medications for 2 months and they cleared me up better than i was , but not all of the way. Since i stopped taking the minocycline and started this accutane, i noticed that a few cysts have already started, and i am still using the fact wash and Duac!! Because my acne was getting in control ,i hope that i will not have an initial breakout, but who knows now.
Just wondering how other peoples experiences went with accutane and if it is worth the money, and how long until you start to see decent results?

P.S. does diet really matter that much with acne, i tried to eat just chicken and vegetables, and all that , but i need bread, pasta, cereal, and real food to live!!!! let me know
As for the food, I personally (along with many people on this board) feel that it does make a big difference. And actually bread, pasta, and cereal are some of the worst things you can eat. I guess you’ll have to look at it this way, what’s more important, eating good food or having a clear face.

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