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Dear Joe_Dude

a few years ago, I had mild acne. I started to eat lots of carrot with the conception that it was good for my skin since it was high in vitamin c. Not only did I eat lots of carrots, I also drank lots of fresh carrot juice.

Because of this, I had offically signed my face's death warrant.

My face was completely destroyed by so much carrots. I kept eating carrots thinking that it would make me better, but it only got worst.

After lots of research, I had found that the biggest misconception people have in this forum and other forums is that they keep eating "healthy" food they think is good for them - as in good for your personal health - but not good for your skin. I had found out that carrots, along with other several foods I had regarded as "healthy", had caused my acne all the long. I started avoiding and isolating foods and continuous experimentation, I was able to identify the foods that caused acne for me. It took a while. Along with carrots, I had stopped eating bananas, peas, corn, diary, and other foods. My face is clear right now. I had become so good at identifying the causes of acne for me.

When people say it is not proven that acne is caused by foods - That is the true to the extent that NOT EVERYBODY has food as a cause of acne. Since food DOES NOT affect everybody, it is therefore NOT PROVEN YET. That's why doctors CANNOT GAURANTEE that food will cause acne for you. That's why they cannot "declare food as an official cause of acne." Its not proven yet to be a cause FOR EVERYBODY, but it still can be cause FOR CERTAIN PEOPLE. It is up to you to PERSONALLY determine if food is a cause of acne for you. You can BE AN EXEMPTION, like many people.

By the way, there are different types of Vitamin A. Taking pills of Vitamin A is different from taking Accutane. Accutane has a certain type of vitamin A that is in concentated amounts. This type of vitamin A can be found in food sources, but only in small amounts. Eating lots of carrots, or taking of vitamin A pills, is NOT THE SAME as taking accutane. In fact, it is very DANGEROUS to take too much vitamin A. It will damage your brain.

In all honestly, I would advice NOT eating carrots. Keep doing research on this forum on diets. It is up to you personalize a list of foods that cause acne for you.

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