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I think the Stridex pads are USELESS, excect to casue excess drying of your skin. If you wash properly with a gentle cleanser, there's no need at all for the Stridex pads. I don't know if they have PB in them or not.

I found for myself when I was younger with acne and for my daughter who is fighting it now....the simplest routine with the least amount of products was the best idea. I think the most important thing is to STICK with your routine....EVERY day and night, no matter how tired you are. You will see results....and if they ARE NOT what you want....see a dermatologist....I know it's expensive, but it's a good investment. Go armed with questions and demand your time. They have some awfully good prescription products out there. And ask for samples, so you will know if your skin can tolerate the creams they give you. The prescription creams are expensive, BUT they do last a LONG time when used properly.

My daughter has cleared up beautifully from Cetaphil wash and Duac a Doxycycline antibiotic. That's it...she uses nothing else...twice a day. It took about 2 weeks to clear and she's stayed that way. She had moderate acne.
Good luck to you.

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