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[QUOTE=Ejabalu]Without acne, though mine is mild, I think I would be more punctual. Because of my skin problems, I feel I have to wear makeup just to be comfortable around people. Applying makeup is tedious and takes a large chunk of time in my getting ready process. Having good skin would cut my getting ready process down by atleast 30 minutes. Plus I'd feel more confident and comfortable around people with really great skin. I wouldn't be so envious all the time of people who have naturally gorgeous skin. But I do agree that having this problem has made me more empathetic towards people with the same problem or similar problems. I'd give anything to have flawless skin, just so I could wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and be satisfied with what I see. That alone would make my life easier and would generally make me a happier person. I hate constantly wondering if people are looking at me and thinking "Geez her skin looks awful". It's caused me to be much more reserved and kind of held back from how I'd like to be... all because I feel too uncomfortable with the way I look.[/QUOTE]

whoa..this paragraph is totally me! thoughts exactly...and i hate that it takes me forever to get my face to look good with makeup takes me 2 hours sometimes on bad days to be satisfied with how i do my face makeup...everyone else in my family and friends can just get up and spend like 15 min getting ready...and there like..."god you take forever, your always in the bathroom"...well you know what TOo bad, i have to do what i have to do...its frustraiting.

but on a nother i met a guy with pretty moderate acne and he was acting so outgoing and nice and friendly ...hanging out with him i didnt even notice his acne, just how outgoing he was like it didnt even bother him...i wasnt looking at his face i was looking at him... i really admire people who have that ability: despite having acne they are just super outgoing and it seems like their acne is just the last think on their mind... i hope that made sence...
.but even so, every time i see a person with acne out and about...i just think "good for them"..because its hard to be in public when you think your ugly and miserable...i just want to hug them and say good job, your out and i know its hard but look, i think you are awsome for it.. so just try to remember the more you let your real personality show through despite your acne the less people will notice you even have it... i have to work on that myself :( on faking confidence....ITs what its all about!..i liked the point about making eye contact when your talking to someone, because when you have eye conact there less likely to let their eyes wander around your face, because youll be looking at them..locked in...when you dont look at their eyes they only have your face to look makes sence. ;)
I hate acne!! I hate it! I hate it so much!! I'm constantly depressed...I never go out, besides going to work, and even going to work is sometimes a big chore...I feel so ugly...I wish it would go away! I wish I didn't have to go to bed worrying about what new erruption is going to happen as I sleep...I want to go to bed happy. I want to have a good skin day for once, but know that this one day will be the rest of my life! I want to be able to eat anything I want without worrying about what it'll do to my face.

Without acne I'd be such a happier person. I wouldn't have to hide in my room, or hide under 5 pounds of makeup. I want to be ME! I want people to look at ME, not the bumps under my makeup! I work in sales, so I HAVE to talk to people...But I always see their eyes move across my face to those bumps! I try to turn my head away, but that just draws more attention, cuz they know I'm trying to hide it...ARGH! :( I'd be so outgoing if it wasn't for this acne. I have no ambition anymore. I don't want to do anything but stay in my room and be online. Atleast online I can be my TRUE self, as sad as that is. :(

:( God, I'm going to cry. :(

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