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No, no, no... You probably used just the plain Retin-A which I completely agree with that it's not worth it and makes your skin peel and red.

This new stuff Retin-A [B]Micro[/B] is a new format that they made with polysynthetic micro-bead system that slowly releases the tretinoin for absorbsion. I've been on it for 3 weeks today and my skin has totally accepted it. I get a little peeling in the morning when I'm washing my face and all I do is rub it off when the face is still wet AFTER washing. That's all there is to it. You'll notice on the retinamicro[***]com site it takes 2-3 weeks to notice effectiveness and it's completely true. It's like one morning you wake up to the healthiest looking face. The skin is amazingly smooth... You see reds spots from previous acne but in time it goes away and after many months your face will look like a million bucks. The TRUE power of Retin-A Micro gets more and more powerfull as time goes buy. So, if you want to see how effective this treatment is. Just KEEP USING IT. Why I say that is because TOO many people rate Retin-A Micro as "not working" or "completely crap" but there's nothing further from the truth.

I started taking it and it seemed to really work well in the week. You're skin is just newly seeing this form of Vitamin A so give it time... Then, you'll notice that it seems your acne is getting worse. The hard part. It is... Then you have to deal with all the red marks that seem to be showing themselves on your face and take such a long time to heal after the intial oubreak. That's where continued use is extremely important. During this phase you'll notice one morning when you wake up that your face feels so soft and looks so healthy that you can't believe your eyes. The texture and the smoothness is visible to the eye. When you continue to use it religeously you will eventually have less breakouts in the future and you'll notice that when you get the point that you have less breakouts and the past redmarks are healed. So keep using it and you'll eventually get to that point. Could be months or even a year. But, anyhow... The true power is in continued use. The worse thing you can do for your face is switching from one to the other. You're just helping them come out and make your life miserable.


P.S. Seriously try it. You have the same type of acne and I barely break out. I'm just in the same period as you are right now.

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