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I've never had a perfect complex, but my skin was rather nice (as compared to how it is now) until about a year ago. I went to the dermatologist for the first time when I was around 14 years old for my blemishes. They weren't bad, but my skin was never clear. I tried every face cleanser on the market, but nothing would work long term for me. I'd usually be given a creme, and then it would help a bit, but since my acne wasn't even bad, I wouldn't go back to the doc. I went a few more times from then until now (4 years later).

Last summer, I went to the dermotologist because I had a few blemishes and VERY oily skin. Now that I look back on it, my skin problem wasn't as bad as I thought it was at the time. My problem was mostly my oily skin, and I had occasional breakouts, but nothing too serious. For some reason, when I was 16, my skin started becoming SO oily. It wasn't like that before. I was pretty embarassed by it. Well, if I had known ahead of time that the dermatologist was going to make my skin 10x worse, I would have just dealt with my shiny forehead and been happy with that.

So....last summer, my doc prescribed retin-A micro and an anit-biotic. I followed the instructions EXACTLY.....only used it once a day (at bedtime) and a tiny bit (pea-sized amount) for my entire face. Well, about a week later, my face had EXPLODED with zits everywhere! They were really bright red, PAINFUL cystic pimples. It was gross. My entire forehead was covered with nasty red bumps. I was so embarassed. My face had never been that bad in my life.

I immediately went back to the dermatologist. He prescribed another creme and anti-biotic for me (I can't remember the name of it). I used it for a little while, and my face seemed to only get worse. No improvement at all. My pimples were so bad that I had to stop using the creme.

I went to a different dermatologist and did a light treatment. I think it was called Clearlight, or something like that. I thought my skin problems were over for good, but...nope. After 8 weeks of treatments, and $300 later, there was no improvement at all. I was dissapointed, but also happy that this didn't make it any worse.

When the summer ended, I had to start my senior year of high school with horrible acne that I had never had before. I was so self-conscious of my skin. My dermatologist wanted me to take accutane, but since I was only 17, my mom wouldn't consent to it because of all the dangers. I just gave up on the dermatologists and used my own over the counter remedies. By this time, I had ugly marks on my forehead from the summer and I kept getting more breakouts. It was a never-ending cycle. I was fighting a battle that I just could not win no matter how hard I tried.

Ok....enough of my depressing story. Now here is my question:

Yesterday I went to the doctor (my regular doc, but she's new. I've given up on dermatologists). She suggested birth control pills, since antibiotics never worked for me (trust me, I've taken soooo many and nothing has cleared up because of them. It's like I'm immune to them). She gave my a prescription for estrostep fe. I got the pills today, I just need to start taking them. I haven't even taken one yet. If this doesn't work, it looks like it's going to be accutane because I've tried just about EVERY prescription creme in the world, every antibiotic, and even light treatments! I'm really frustrated now!!!!!

My question is.....has anyone here used birth control pills for their acne and has it helped? Of course, with all medications, there is no guarantee that it will definitely work. If I gain weight while on the pill and it doesn't help me at all, I will be PISSED......I'm really scared about gaining weight. I know that not everybody gains weigh while on the pill, but still....there is a huge possibility that I will.

Anybody take estrostep fe before? Does it really work for acne?
hi i have been taking estro step for 6 months for my acne i had the same problem but its wasnt only on my face it was also on my shoulders back and chest. none of the creams that my doctor prescribed never worked they just made my skin really oily. so i go to a different doctor and he put me on estrostep and now i have no acne what so ever. i havnt gain alot of weight onlt like 2 pounds and if u do happen to gain alot of weight it comes of with excersie most of it is water weight. the only thing bad about it is that it gives u mood swings and ect. but other then that it work very well for acne.

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