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Gstar, I think you should look at an article on the web I found the other day. Do a google search by writing "which oral contraceptive pill is best for acne." The first site that comes up (I think) is the one you want to go to. On this site, the author of the article says thay Estrostep FE is one of the pills that is actually MORE likely to cause acne. She shows charts that list the different BC brand names and what conditions they might be helpful for. I just started Ortho Tri Cyclen, but I'm also on spironolactone. Lots of people here had a bad reaction to Ortho, but I'm trying it first. If it doesn't work, I'll try another.

I certainly understand your embarassment. I had VERY bad skin my junior year of high school, and in fact, I became so depressed I almost felt like killing myself. I went to a dermatologist who prescribed antibiotics and prednisone (a steroid). It worked for me (THANK GOD). I'm sorry to hear antibiotics didn't work and that your mother won't allow accutane. I ended up taking accutane when I was 23, and it worked really well. Since then, the main problem I have is extremely oily skin and lots of little pimples.

What helped me get through the bad period for me in high school, was to focus on being the nicest, good person I could be. That is something you can control and make happen, even if clear skin isn't. BY my senior year, I was voted friendliest girl, which I know I owe in part to the fact that I had to focus so much on who I was inside and not my looks for the that period my skin was so bad.

Well, sorry to ramble. Hope all this information helps. Good luck.

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