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I'm not an expert. I can't think of why you couldn't try spiro after a partial hysterectomy. It doesn't stop your body from producing testosterone, it just binds to testosterone so your body can't use it. My doctor did a blood test first to check my testosterone level. It can be prescribed even if your level is normal (though probably not if you are on the low side of normal). Mine was slightly high. (And incidentally persistent acne is the single best predictor of elevated testosterone.) Your potassium level should also be checked every couple of months because it is a potassium sparing diuretic. I've just avoided bananas, but at last check my potassium had actually gone down to the low side of normal. So my doc told me I can eat whatever I want and even take a multivitamin if it only has a little potassium in it. My endocrinologist tells me every time I see him that it is SO safe--no risk to the kidneys or liver or anything.
To help acne I've heard that 100mg-200mg a day is most effective. But if you wanted to take 100mg a day your doctor would prescribe 50 mg pills and you'd take one in the morning and one at night to keep the diuretic effect as minimal as possible. But for dosage you also have to consider the period side effect. Do you still have periods? Like I said before mine were fine at 50 mg/day but came 21 days apart at 100mg/day so I had to go on the pill.
As far as other side effects, I did drop 12 pounds (wasn't overweight to begin with). I think it must have been all water weight. The first two weeks I had to pee constantly and was getting up 5 times a night. But then your body adjusts. In normal people with normal blood pressure, it shouldn't lower it any more, but that is a potential side effect. It makes my hair less greasy and I don't have to shave my legs as often. It also got rid of my cramps for some unknown reason! This is the first time in my life I haven't had to take painkillers with my period.
The generic name is spironolactone and the brand name is Aldactone. Your doctor has probably heard of this before. It is used for high blood pressure patients too.
Good luck!

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