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I've been unable to figure out, or get a good diagnosis on what exactly this spot is on the end of my nose. I'll describe the situation as best I can, and perhaps someone can shed some light on the issue.

For a backstory, I'm 21, white male, very fair combination skin. I've been dealing with light acne on my face since I was 14, and light to moderate acne on my back since about 15. Never had a cyst in my life.. just, your standard run-of-the-mill commonplace acne. Mostly blackheads, occassional painless whitehead, rare papule/pustule. I've been treating my acne with benzoyl peroxide once daily, and using a salicylic acid facewash twice daily, as well as an AHA moisturizer to help exfoliate away red marks, and other blemishes.

Now, sometime around mid-May, I got two pimples on my nose. The kind that start under the skin, get really red, and tender to the touch. I've gotten these a million times before, and they're never that much of a problem. I either put some ice on them and they fade away, or I pop them, and they go away without a trace. The one got pretty bad. Kept coming back, and I kept popping it trying to get rid of it. The other I never touched. But it stayed red for awhile, and felt a little raised. Just figured I'd leave it alone.

Weeks pass by, and I've got red marks from both of these pimples, which have long since healed. I notice that the one that I DIDN'T touch, seems to not be improving at all, so I start to worry. Weeks go by, and this thing has honestly not improved after a month's time, which is far longer than any red mark I've ever had. Worse still, this one is raised, whereas all others have always been perfectly flat and smooth.

So I start to theorize that perhaps this is just a really stubborn zit, still trapped under the skin, and has come back. So I pick at it, trying to pop it. I don't really succeed, and end up drawing a teeny bit of blood. So I leave it alone. It scabs over, and flattens out, and I hope the mark will at least be smaller when the scab comes off.

The scab finally comes off, and sure enough, the mark was exactly as it was before. It's now been like that, almost exactly the same for 3 months. No changes.. no improvements. It's painless, red, and *very* slightly raised to the touch. Feels quite soft, not hard.. so I don't think it's a pimple trapped under the skin.

So, is this a scar? Did a guy who never gets the sort of acne that scars, and has NEVER had a zit that's scarred managed to get his first scar, at 21, from a pimple that was never that bad to begin with? Or is it possible that it's just a really stubborn red mark, that happens to be raised? What scares me the most is that almost all information you can find on the internet says that any red marks left behind from pimples are flat. This thing is really *slightly* raised, and it goes down when you push on it.

I should also mention I've been on antibiotics for the last 2 months to try to treat my acne, which always gets worse in the summer for some reason. Does anyone know if antibiotics slow down the healing process? Because it seems as though ALL my red spots from recent pimples are taking longer to heal.. as are cuts and injuries on my body.

Any light anyone can shed on this would be appreciated.

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