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Ask your derm to add a low/medium dose of spiro to the yasmin. I am at the beginning of my 5th pack of yasmin, and feel somewhat better about progress. I take 50 mg of spiro per day. (I don't think this is high enough for me honestly, but I can't take a higher dose right now because of the drying effects.)I have been on the yasmin since Jan. 9, 03 and although I am beginning my 5th pack, (it is because I take them straight through.) I skip the white pills and go right on to the next pack. ( I am menopausal, so periods are no longer a concern) The breast tenderness is still pretty much there, but slowly I have seen some improvement. Since my hysterectomy this has been 5 years of PURE **** ! I have very persistant acne !

I also take 40 mg of accutane 3 times per week. I take it for lupus, but it NEVER cleared the acne, even on the 5 month course.
I also started to use jojoba oil about the same time I started the yasmin and it has brought some of them to the surface, but finally I think I really like it. It's the first time in so long I don't have white dry flakes on my face and I look somewhat normal again . 3 weeks ago, I added cp serum and tazorac to the routine. I am really liking them so far. The tazorac has also helped to bring things "up". HOWEVER< I ONLY USE THIS FOR ABOUT 4 MINUTES BEFORE I WASH MY FACE AT NIGHT. This will prevent the drying effects a little bit. My personal experience with the differin was YUK !! I used it for over 8 months and kept breaking out. I stopped and flared a bit, so it must have been doing something I guess, but I didn't think it helped much at all. If you haven't tried the tazorac, maybe that would be something too...although you could maybe use it like I do, so it doesn't give such an initial break out.
Keep in mind, you may break out by stopping the differin ( if you choose to do so) and you may also have an initial break out from the spiro. Also if you are at the end of the 3rd pack of pills, you've really only taken 9 weeks of the ACTIVE pills. I've taken 12 weeks of the active pills and still am not clear. Maybe if you add a little spiro and change the differin, unless you feel it helps you, maybe this would help you. From what I was told the tazorac is the closest to the accutane. That's why I'm trying it. In addition to the acne, I'm hoping it will help the lupus skin rashes so that I can eventually quit the accutane all together.
sorry for the long post. My derm doesn't know what else to do with me either, but I demand and beg and (cry) for what I want to try. Now he lets me do whatever I want. I really think you should try the spiro. I used it along time ago, and I was COMPLETELY clear for 5 years. It stopped working for me completely at menopause.......another LLLLONNG story !!! :)

Hope this helps
I know how frustrating this is, and I am VERY impatient!!!
L :)

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