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1- what kind of acne did/do you have? moderate then cystic
2- what is your age? 53 (didn't expect to find me here did you!)
3- how long did you take it for? At the age of 35, took it for 3 months
4- how badly did it make you break out at first?
I had acne problems beginning in my early teens and all through my 20's. By mid-30's, it got much worse so resorted to Accutane. Up until then, relied on Tetracycline.
5- did your acne return?
On and off, but nothing like it used to be. In the last year it's been acting up again.

[b}DID ACCUTANE WORK AS WELL TO CLEAR UP MY ACNE AS I HAD HOPED?[/b] Absolutely. Couldn't remember what it was like to have clear skin until then. Then again, what I considered clear would make someone who has never had acne cringe.
Here are some of the reasons:

[b]EYES[/b] - the dryness affected my eyes to the point where, three months after I started taking it, a layer of skin peeled from my left eye leaving me with scars on my cornea. Stopped taking it that day. I have had vision and "dry eye" problems in my left eye ever since. Can never wear contact lenses and have to put drops in my eyes every day.

[b]BONES[/b] - this information came from a post under the Osteoporosis forum and gave me a bit of a shock. I've just had a bone scan for the first time and am now taking Actonel to prevent further bone loss. The future will tell what kind of long lasting affects that will have. I have tendonitis in my hip and have twice had it in my shoulders. Thought I was just getting old. Here's the post that sent me over to this forum:

[url=""]Irreversible Skelatal Changes[/url]

I took Accutane almost 20 years ago when it was very new and the long term affects not known. I have had osteoarthritis in my neck for a number of years. I may have had bone loss for some time and didn't know it. I never made the connection until now. If you are 20, you could be looking at this in your 30's. It's something to think about.

1. What type of acne? Cystic. Severe. Pizza-like.
2. Age? I'm 27 now; it started around 14. Took Accutane around 19, maybe? I don't recall exactly.
3. How long did I take it for? Again, I don't recall the specifics, maybe 3 months or something.
4. Did it break me out? Yes, at first (although who can tell when you look like that? :))
5. Did it return? Yes, but I only get a few with my cycle now.

Just to add to this, too... I got dry lips that resulted in a yeast infection (amazing, huh?) that sparked a fever that lost me a job. :) Kind of an involved story. Anyway, some people say Accutane causes a host of horrible long-term problems. I don't know about that. However, for what it's worth, I have blepharitis. Some people say it's a long-term effect of Accutane, but of course, who knows in this case? Maybe I'd have it anyway. I don't regret taking Accutane, anyway.
Ohmyface and bama37... why did you guys go off the bc pill? I was thinking of goign on it.. but staying on it. Is there a side effect about it that I don't know about??

Anyway here's my survey:
1- what kind of acne did/do you have?
Persistent, mild? (definitely not cystic but still pretty bad)
2- what is your age?

3- how long did you take it for?
I'm on week4!!!

4- how badly did it make you break out at first?
Well, it seems to be bringing all of the oil out and it's doing a pretty good job. It's targeting even the most annoying zits that I've had for months now..Makeup covers any breakouts it's not all that bad.

5- did your acne return?

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