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All right guys, I'm going to let you in on my story. Please excuse the in-depth detail I go into, but its there to help you, no other reason.

I'm a 17-year-old male. My acne started in 7th grade, and I started to get cysts and pustules right off the bat. Not a lot, but nevertheless. Around 3 or so years ago, I started masturbating. At first I made no connection between my acne breakouts and masturbation, and I'm not even sure if there was a connection... back then. I'd say about 2 years ago, I, being the over-observant and precautious freak acne made me, began to wonder if maybe ejaculating had a link to my acne breakouts, because they seemed to happen hand-in-hand.

Desperate for a solution, I stopped masturbating. Problem solved, right? I thought so. However, 2 weeks later, I had a "nocturnal emission" (fancy word for wet dream). Within a day I was broken out, pretty badly too. It happened again, and again. I thought I was solving the problem by not masturbating! I was dumbfounded, and I began to think that I was screwed: "Masturbation = breakout; Don't masturbate = inevitable wet dream = breakout." That's what happened too, about every 2 weeks I would ejaculate in my sleep, and within 24 hours I would have a severe breakout (cysts, pustules, the whole bit).

So I knew my problem, but how to fix it was beyond me. I tried not thinking about anything sexual, resisting any urge to masturbate, and I did pretty well. Like HongKongers said, I found out that my mental strength was through the roof, and I could tolerate any urge and kick it clear out of my mind. I didn't want to breakout, simple as that, and I was going to do anything I could to stop from. But no matter how hard I tried, no matter WHAT I did, I still managed to have those damn nocturnal emissions, and for good reason. For what I didn’t know at the time is that the male body produces somewhere around 2,000 sperm a minute, whether you have masturbated recently or not. Nothing can change this cycle, its nature’s hard-wired routine.

But say you DON’T masturbate for lets say… a week, maybe two. Your testicles are still making all that sperm, where’s it all going? It’s not staying in your body, that’s for sure. Once your body has reached its limit to how much sperm it can store, any excess is released. How, you ask? You guessed it: wet dreams. See, wet dreams aren’t only for those just entering puberty, they’re for anyone who does not masturbate for too long. Your body simply cannot stop making sperm, and it certainly cannot hold all that excess it makes. So it gets rid of it, in the easiest fashion possible. The only problem is, is that for some of us, ejaculation causes us to breakout. So I didn’t know what to do, I thought I would forever have to deal with this problem. I thought about every alternative, I thought “well… maybe its not me ejaculating that is causing the breakouts…” And believe me, I expended every… and I mean EVERY possible cause. Ejaculation = breakout. Simple. Unforgiving.

But then I started to notice something. Sometimes, for whatever reason, I would have nocturnal emissions in succession, about every other night. I noticed that the first one would cause me a severe breakout; but two nights later when I had another one, that one left me with a less severe breakout. And so on. This got me thinking, and a few ideas came into my mind. Having expended every alternative, and extremely desperate to try anything (knowing my situation could not get any worse), I experimented. My reasoning was this: “If the closer together I had these ejaculations and the less severe my breakouts got… why not make it so I ejaculate as often as these dreams? And maybe… just maybe, I can get my breakouts to eventually cease.” I started masturbating every other day.

To say the least, my experimentation worked, and my breakouts became less and less severe until about a week later, I was masturbating with no “recoil” from my skin at all. I was amazed to say the least. I beat the problem! This was last year, around September. Since then my breakouts have become few and far between, and not too severe when I do get them. As happy as I was, this didn’t stop me from fine-tuning my results to my liking. I experimented ejaculating everyday… but that made me breakout. So I tried every 3 days also, which didn’t seem to make a difference between that and every other day, so I stuck to every other day and have ever since.

I can now safely say, months later, that my moderate to severe cystic acne (amplified by a failed and cut-short Accutane course) is on its retreat. My face rarely breaks out (knock on wood), and all of my scars are well into their healing stages.

Now like I said I am 17, and this is around the time that acne starts to make its natural retreat in some people anyway. COULD all this just be one big coincidence? I won’t lie, it could be. It could. But then again… maybe it isn’t. I’m neither a doctor nor a dermatologist. I’m only a concerned and observant acne sufferer. I cannot give you medical studies that give support to my testimony. I can only share my story and experiences and have you read them. Take my story with a grain of salt. What happened to me doesn’t happen to everyone, and what I did to solve it will not work for everyone either. All of our bodies are different, and no one knows your body as well as you do. Which brings me to my next topic…

Who gave these overly ignorant people the right to tell us that there is no link between sex/masturbation and acne? I guess they’re all doctors right? Probably. Not. Now I could explode right about now, because I have read just one too many “Dr. Joe Schmoe says that there’s no way ejaculation can cause breakouts, it violates the biological chemistry in the molecules of the atmosphere blah blah blah” posts/replies. I’m sure my sarcasm doesn’t go overlooked. The point is… I’m tired of it. What do you people think we’re all in on a conspiracy? That we all get together and try to throw in this so-called radical theory that sex causes us to breakout? It’s not that out-of-this-world, for your information. If it doesn’t happen to you, FINE! Be happy. Throw a party. It doesn’t matter what you do, but don’t tell ME that I’m wrong. We’re all just as self-conscious about this disease as you are. If there somehow were an alternate cause, it would have been found already. I can’t tell you what exactly causes me to breakout when I ejaculate, like I said, I’m not doctor by any means. But neither are you. Got that? Is that so hard to understand?

And Doolittle… you know that you “did little” to prove your point? You’re asking for scientific proof? Tell me… where’s the scientific proof that states that gravity exists? Search all you want, you’re not going to find it. To be quite honest, Astronomers and Scientists alike to this day simply have no idea why gravity exists. They can only measure it and study its effects. One of the smartest brains of our time, Isaac Newton (the man responsible for inventing calculus), said “I frame no hypothesis” when it came to the existence of gravity. He knew it existed, but he had no clue why. Since then nothing as changed. So I guess that means gravity doesn’t exist, right? Surely we can’t prove it to you, so why should you believe it? What’s that? Gravity does exist? Wait a minute… you’re telling me that we just have to accept some things because that’s just the way they are and there is no “scientific proof” to support it yet? No way! What a concept! Weird.

Oh, and these “ignorant clichés” you speak of? Ignorant: that’s a funny word. Let’s look up the definition:

ig·no·rant [ ígnrnt ]

1. lacking knowledge: lacking knowledge and education in general or in a specific subject
2. unaware: unaware of something; ignorant of the danger
3. resulting from lack of knowing: caused by a lack of understanding or experience; an ignorant mistake

Lack of understanding or experience… hey that sounds familiar! You want to know I think? Over the past couple of years I’ve seen the number of people coming forth about this subject slowly rise. This is good, because now more people are starting to go against what the majority is telling them. And its not just Dr. Doolittle here, this goes out to everyone who thinks just because when THEY ejaculate and THEY don’t breakout that therefore everyone else is wrong. Ignorance is bliss friends. Remember that. And you’re the ignorant ones, not us. You see a post saying anything to the effect of sex equaling breaking out and instantly you want the proof and/or you don’t believe it. Instantly! Webster couldn’t find a better example than you guys for the definition of ignorance.

I’m not trying to change your minds here, because I’m almost positive I haven’t. I wouldn’t be surprised if years from now you guys are still looking for that scientific proof you speak of; but by then they may have found it. Think about that. All I ask is that everyone just leave your mind open to stuff like this. So what if it doesn’t happen to you. Consider yourself lucky! But that doesn’t mean to other people it may be a reality.

So, in closure (man I really made this longer than I intended... but I had to), I hope that I helped some people out there with my experiences. I hope what I did works for you. There is no saying it will, but I had to give it a shot. Good luck and have a nice day. Later.

- MachOneMustang -

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[This message has been edited by MachOneMustang (edited 03-30-2003).]

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