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Hey everyone.

Tomata, you’re coming off like I was attacking you. Sorry, but you were the one who said that we were all “silly” and that this whole topic was based around “one of those old wives tales.” In your initial reply, you mentioned nothing to the effect of hormonal acne being the culprit. It seemed you were more interested in putting this “myth” to rest. You drew the battle lines; I only defended my side of the story. And yes I have heard of hormonal acne and I understand its effects; but this does not point the finger at masturbation and relate it to the cause of breaking out. My reply talked about a direct (or some how linked to) correlation between ejaculation and breaking out, as I said I would break out within 24 hours or so after. And besides, did I not say that I am no doctor and cannot prove any of my theories to you? I even stated that all this could be one big and eerie coincidence, but I cannot prove it. Just like I cannot prove that my theory is true. Please, tell me if I am out of line here.

Doolittle, I know you were only stating your opinion, and if that’s all you meant for it to come off as, I apologize. But coming off sarcastically saying “And the scientific evidence to support this theory is where…” sure sounded to me like you had discovered for yourself that there was no link between the two. Then you went on to explain that the reason we get acne in the first place is because of this thing called puberty. Thank you. I think we knew that one. Sarcasm… not needed.

HongKongers, I’m not quite sure all you were trying to say up there in your replies but I think I got the jist of it. You say that sperm storage cannot reach a limit. I’ve never heard that before, and it may very well be true. If that’s the case, what I would like to know is why I only got wet dreams when I didn’t masturbate for long periods of time. Since I started my every-other day deal, I haven’t had any… which is proof I only got them because I didn’t masturbate. What it could’ve been is that my body was more at of a lack of the feeling rather than “reached its limit” for production. That could be what happened. When one doesn’t masturbate for a while, the opposite sex because 10x more appealing and you notice a lot more things about them. Is it true or is it just me? I was not making my own assumptions, however, when I said that I got nocturnal emissions because the “sperm level” reached its limit. I did read that, and in more than one place; but you may very well be right with your story.

As far as what Aktick said about his camping trip and the reduction of breakouts when we have a “natural high,” I could not agree any more. This past summer I went down the shore with a friend for a week. I was reluctant to go because I feared I wouldn’t keep up with my stringent and long-routine acne regimen (what nights to apply creams, gels, take pills, etc.). So I took everything. All my medicine went into my suitcase, including more than enough pills to last me a week. Did I keep up with my regimen? Hell no! I think I washed my face once when I was down there, and I never even opened the bag that had all my topicals in it. I was SO lazy down there I rarely even took the pills I brought. And you know what? I didn’t care. I was having the time of my life; not a care in the world at all. Despite all of this, I noticed a reduction in the severity of my breakouts, and even noticed some clearing up! I was excited nonetheless… but amazed at the same time.

I also agree with Angry Green Hippo when he says that masturbation causes a fluctuation in some hormones. I have read that before. This goes along with what PizzaFace666 said that ejaculations cause already unstable hormonal levels to get even more out-of-whack. What makes some people more prone to these fluctuations and more likely to break out is beyond me. It could be genetic, which would explain why not everyone breaks out after they ejaculate. Makes sense to me.

I’m not here to make enemies; I’d like to think we’re all in this together. We all must deal with this disease, that’s the reason we’re here in the first place. To change everyone’s mind and brainwash them was not what I came here to do (although I can’t say the same for some of you). I think everyone must admit that in the past this topic has been argued somewhat… make that a lot… biased. What I have seen in the past is someone starting to hint to this theory and the only replies it gets are put-downs and rejections. That has to stop. My only purpose was to try to level out the battleground so people like me, who do in fact encounter this problem, have more of a chance at seeking resolutions to it. I’d like to think I solved my own problem, but as I said before and I’ll say it again, this may not be the case.

This is one of those topics that until it is absolutely, positively, without a doubt proven by a well-respected organization, people will argue it. And even when (if it ever is) proven, people will argue it. Take for example “The Flat Earth Society.” Try telling them the Earth is round. Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion, that’s America. My only request is that don’t be so ignorant (yes, I said it) to push yours upon others, especially when you have the approval of the majority. None of us are doctors, dermatologists, or experts at the human body. I’m sure some of us would like to think we are, but the truth is we aren’t. I just hope I can finally and for the last time let people know that masturbation/sex DOES have a sometimes-serious effect on SOME people’s acne. Not everyone, I didn’t say that, only SOME. But a problem isolated to a select group of people should not be regarded as irreverent. Right? Put yourself in the shoes of those you accuse (check out my rhymin’ skillz) of not knowing what they’re talking about, that’s all I ask. Talk you guys later.

- MachOneMustang -
It seems like I break out really bad when I masturbate and eat alot of junk food the same day combined.But when it's one or the other... I don't break out so bad. I think it is linked with masturbation.I remember one day I had a whole bunch of scoops of Rocky Road ice cream... I had like 4 slices of Pizza and a whole bag of potato chips... I masturbated two times that same day two and I had like 5 big pimples by the end of the day.When I eat junk food and don't masturbate it doesn't seem to do anything.Or when I masturbate and eat healthy.

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