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i received my first skin compliment since highschool today. "are you wearing some makeup? your skin looks's glowing!" this was from a cooworker. and no, i wasn't wearing any makeup!

for those of you who are not familiar with my story and my regimen, i've basically been controlling my acne with 1. diet (low simple carb, low dairy, low sugar) 2. birth control (orth tri cyclin). 3. exfoliation (DDF's blemishing foaming cleanser, salylic acid, and glycolic acid wash). here's a link to my story update posts:

BUT...about a month ago i started doing a few other things i read about to help acne (because i want to come off the birth control!!! more about this at the bottom):

1. drink lemon juice
theory is that lemon juice helps the body/liver detoxify. first thing when i wake up and a few hours before bed, i drink the juice of half a lemon. i wash it down with a glass or two of water.

2. avoid drinking around meal times
theory is, people with acne might have impaired food digestion/vitamin absorption. drinking fluids with meals excaserbates this. so i've been trying to not drink any fluid AT LEAST an hour before and an hour after meals. in between those times i drink A LOT of water.

3. flax seed oil (NOT the stuff in capsules)
i had been taking the capsules but you have to take so much of it (3 pills 3 times a day) to get the daily dosage. i wasn't keeping up with it. so i decided to just force myself to get the oil itself and drink it (despite how nasty it tastes). i take 1 - 2 tablespoons a day, shortly after meals.

4. eating more vegetables
with this "diet" i'm on, i had been alternating between some kind of bean/rice combo and some kind of salad/vegetables for a meal. then i came across this book called "the ph miracle." it short, it says all disease/ailments are caused by an imbalanced diet causing your body to be too ACIDIC and thus prone to infections, diseases, etc. the body should be ALKALINE. certain foods cause acidity (which of course, is the obvious bad food...simple carbs, processed food and the like) while others cause alkalinity (mostly vegetables). so they say every meal should consist of approx 80% vegetable and 20% other (meat, bean, rice, etc). so i started having salad vegetables as part of EVERY meal. i'm not doing the 80/20 percentage. i'm more at 60/40.

things i've noticed since doing these things:
-boost in energy (i'm usually so tired all the time, but i've been able to stay up later)
-the blemishes i get seem to be heal faster.

i know what some of you are's only been month. i know, i have doubts myself. but i had to share the news because of the compliment on my skin. i will keep you updated on how everything goes. especially since i've decided to come of the pill! i wasn't planning on doing this so soon (been on it for about 10 months), but the past couple of months i started getting bad cramps a week before my period is due (never experienced this while on the pill, not even in previous courses). i thought perhaps my body was rejecting/overriding the pill, wanting to have a period a week earlier. i'm going to post more info about this in a separate post.

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