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Re: Peels
Aug 11, 2004
I know this may sound weird, but have you been using the same detergent on your daughter's clothes for the past three years? I had some bad breakouts on my back when I was younger and they went away very quickly when my mom changed detergents. Now she uses Purex or Tide (the one especially made with no dyes or fragrance, etc.) and my back doesn't break out.

Also, another question is what kind of hair products does your daugher use in the shower? If her conditioner is very creamy, it may leave a residue on her back that clogs pores. Does she have a really soft back brush to use last thing before she gets out of the shower? I obviously don't know what you've tried, but these are things that worked for me.

Lastly, about the peels-if you have insurance that covers derm. visits, you can call all the derms. in your area and ask if they accept your insurance and if they perform peels on the back. That's how I found my derm. I wanted facial peels, but wasn't about to spend the amount salons want for them. So I just called until I found one. If money is no object for you, then you can call some spas or salons and see if they have "back facials" where they extract all the blemishes and then peform a peel and put a mask on it. Maybe having all the blemishes removed would be a great starting point for her. Peels do usually make your condition worse before it gets better, but that's just because it purges the skin. Also, your daughter could talk to her doctor about getting some Retin-A to put on her back. Tazorac is also a good cream that peels her skin a little bit every night when she would put it on. Tazorac is the strongest. Also, at Wallgreens or other drug stores, they have some Alpha-Hydroxy cream. Maybe you could buy that for her and see if it starts to work a little bit before going to a derm. for something stronger.

Drying out her skin on her back with harsh soaps, etc. may not be the best idea. If she's terribly oily, a little drying would be good, but if you dry it out too much, she'll just produce more oil to compensate. It's a weird cycle. A final resort may be accutane. It completely drys up your skin, but not the same way a topical drying agent would. Accutane is a pill that slows oil production down to next to nothing. I'm currently on it and am loving the results. No more oily face and hardly any new breakouts. You take it for about five months and afterwards, you usually stay clear for the rest of your life. It's a pretty serious drug, you have to be on birth control (even if you're not active) and you have to have monthly blood tests. I think as long as your responsible, it's a really great drug that seems to have helped many people on this board, including myself.

I hope some of this helped and that it made some sense, as well. Lord knows that I sympathize with your daughter. I am 23 and had bad skin from the time I was 12 to the time I was 19. Once I turned 20, I still got pimples, but not as bad as it was before. It's hard. I played a lot of sports (does your daughter?) and if I didn't shower and clean my back meticulousy, I would get bad breakouts. Hot water, lots of soap, and a back brush were my best friends after a game. Anyway, I hope you find something that works for her.

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