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this sounds dumb but for the first time on here in a thread i said... i dont have any zits on my chest(which i didnt) but ones on my face that i am treating with accutane... i wake up today.. to like 10 pimples on my chest.. the most i've had at one time... just seems like i kind of jinxed myself... could be just the accutane... cuz i hear you break out in diff places some times.. just found it rather odd
[SIZE=2][FONT=Times New Roman][COLOR=Magenta]I think in some slight ways your thought patterns can influence your skin, but not that directly!!

If you are at all stressed, that can sometimes lead to breakouts, in which case try to relax, calm yourself, drink some water and think to your problems - "when I'm eighty, how much will this matter?"

If you're not at all stressed then my advice is still pretty much the same, lol. Breakouts are natural - they suck, I know, but they happen! Just ride it out and you'll be fine :)[/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE]
Sure, I think acne has to do with how we think. In a way.

What I mean is,

We have acne. Cosmetics company offer all sorts of acne products. So we think that's exactly what we should be using. And we buy it and use it.

For me, at least, all the acne products are WAY TOO HARSH and produce more acne. If it has acne on the product, I stay away (with one exception: St. Ives Apricot Scrub) :)

It seems the things not meant for acne actually improve my skin.
might as well be the one to bring this up...

does thinking about sex... and being turned on by your thoughts, have anything to do with acne?... because of hormones?

i would disagree, but ill open it up for debate.
if anything, ur hormones cause both the thinking bout sex and acne. the two are the results, but one result doesnt cause the other. so, not thinking bout it wont change ur hormones.
Actually, I was thinking about this topic not too long ago. It's happened so often to me. I'll be thinking about how clear, for example, my chin is, then the next morning out of the blue I get 500 000 new pimples (Coincidence? I dunno). It happens all the time! I'm just going to stop thinking.

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