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im only 14 years old and ive been going through acne since grade 4! about a year ago it got worse and got all over my body ! i mean all over! my chest, back, shoulders, arms and thighs! i cant even wear shorts and a tshirt!! im determined to get surgery, as soon as possible, but i dont know the best to get!! i need some help! im afraid im gonna get it done and it wont help! its not easy for someone my age to get money like that very easily and i was wondering if anyone got anything done to get their scars gone for good?! and the side effects and how long they lasted. thank you sooo much!
[COLOR=Magenta][FONT=Times New Roman]Hi :)

It's difficult to help with the information you've given! Couple of questions:

One - have you made an appointment with a dermatologist about this? If not, it's very important that you do so at once. If you have, and he/she has not helped at all with your condition I suggest checking around for another one.

Two - What products have you been on for it? Prescribed medical creams like Differin and Tazorac, or drug store stuff like Clean n' Clear? If you have it that severely, over the counter stuff probably isn't going to cut it, and you're going to have to go much stronger.

Three - Have you heard of/considered Accutane?

Four - What do you mean by "surgery"? Microdermabrasion? If so, it's probably best that you clear up your skin before you try this - scarring can look much worse then it is if you have acne over top of it.[/FONT][/COLOR]

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