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I have evaluated all those issues.

I sleep equally on the same side and change my pillow case every 48 hours.

I have looked at other possible factors on why I only get acne on my upper right cheek:

1- driving: I drive a lot under the sun (sun being on the right side). Considering I am at the left side of the car and the sun is always on my right side of my cheek when driving.

2- recent cyst that infected nearby pores (as another user mentioned in above post)

3- Food cannot be a factor because why would it attack on a certain spot time after time.

4- Sweat cannot be a factor either because my entire faces sweats and I get no acne elsewhere.

5- ?? any other factors?


But - to give u an update: I am feeling much better today because I have put on some Benzyl Peroxide Rx Cream and it has totally dried up all the pimples.

I just need a couple more days for them to fully die out and go away.

It's just funny how I got attacked by 5 zits of different cultures (cyst, black, whitehead, etc.) all around the same week in the same exact AREA!

Everywhere else is clear!

Think its just a matter of running its course. I guess it just HAD to come out. Good thing its over and done with.

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