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How long should it normally take for a pimple to expire on its own? Im begining to wonder if alot more of my acne is cystic than I thought. I have been doing alot of research on this board and my acne most of my acne sounds very cystic. I get very very large pimples that will take around 8 days to die but come to a head I always just counted those as huge zits. I also, get massiv lumps some larger than a dime with the skin barely raised. These stay on for weeks. After the first two week they start turning purple then slowly with a black tinge too it. Can you guys please held diagnose me Im going to the derm on the 24th to request accutane but I would really like your opinions. I have acne from every size. Some as small a pin head and others as large as a small tumor. At times I will get these horrible infections on my chin where exactly one side of my chin will be red and very inflammed there is no hiding that. Most of my acne are painfull I wan to say medium sized pimples or are they cysts. They stay on for about 8 days sometimes more. Most of those ones come to head eventually. Right under my nose where a mustache would be I have about 5 pimples. These ones get pretty big and are extremely painfull. Right now my jawline has those real painful lumps on the right side. They are purple now and begining to have a black tinge to it. they have been on there for near 4 weeks now. They hurt so bad I can't lay on that side when I sleep. My forehead has 8 pimples. These are the normal ones or normal for me that come to a head in 8 days they are pretty large and unpoppable until they come to a head. My most moderate acne is on my jawline and up by my ears. My cheeks have about 4 reg pimples on each side. Right between my eyebrows are 2 active ones the reg ones and 3 dying ones on the other side. My nose is clear no knock on wood but has 4 very purple marks from old pimples a month ago. My chin right now has one the only one normal zit I would call it. It is small and comes to a head in 3 days then goes away. My neck only has one zit now. My back and chest will stay clear if I don't weight lift. I have scar on my back from last years weight lifting. It eventually got so bad I couldn't lay my back on the bench. I have very very very oily skin. Its so bad in the morning it sparkles on my forhead. It will be oily in less than an hour after washing. Believe my its very disgusting. I have tried every over the counter stuff. I have been on tetra, doxy, erythromyocin, minocycline, differin and retin a. Anyways please help diagnose me.

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