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[QUOTE]Ani and indy- thanks also for the replys but i think diet doesnt do anything good or bad for my acne, werid but i know my body well, and tried eating healthy and good for years and still do.[/QUOTE]

Hey, we tried... We can show you the door, can't make you walk through it. If you are still fed up months or years from now, keep what we said in the back of your mind. It took me until I was 26 and fed up with medicine not working to learn what really was messing my skin up.

[QUOTE]I drink protein beverages pre- and post-workouts, and, following a rash of acne I was wondering if protein drinks and acne have ever been linked? has anyone had experiences with this or heard anything about it?[/QUOTE]

If your shakes are whey protein, whey is a milk derivative and dairy is a big acne promoter for some people.

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