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Advice on Differin
Aug 15, 2004
So I guess what I have is mild acne. No major breakouts, occasional pimple here and there, some of which could be worse than others. I used SA and BP, for the most part haphazardly. I do get a lot of those bumps on my forehead, however, some of which grow considerably in size but for the most part stay there. I used to pick religiously and used to be able to get away with it. Lately, however, I noticed that my face began to scar - nothing hugely noticeable but still frustrating. The result is that I stopped picking, while at the same time, due to lots of stress, I began to break out more than usual. I went to a physician who looked at my face for 1 minute and, having said that my acne is very mild, prescribed me Differin (1x) (for which, having no insurance, I paid God knows how much having no money as a student) and Clindomycin (2x daily). I was wondering if, given my otherwise mild condition, I am still going to get a breakout, how bad it will be, and whether Differin is likely to help in the long run, given the form of my acne. I would not care so much about it, but I am visiting my girlfriend in two weeks (whom I love immensely), have a bunch of exams in a week, and all this just adds too much anguish.
Perhaps I should stick with SA and BP... I would do that because prevention by picking and squeezing continued to work, but now I am afraid I will only scar myself.
Thanks to anybody who can comment.

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