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Hey everyone, i have had acne since i was about 13. And it was pretty mild at first then got very bad, but not quite cystic. I went on retin-a and minocycline which worked wonders for a while but then stopped..i also tried differin and benzamycin(the benza i would not recommend for people with sensitive skin). Recently i got off antibiotics and retin-a to see how i would do...and my acne is probably mild now. I recently started using the Murad Acne Complex Kit and their Clarifying Toner and would HIGHLY recommend it. My scarring is fading and i broke out a bit at first because it was deeply cleansing. But now my skin looks great. For people with mild to moderate, non-cystic acne i would highly recommend this. The reason Murad works is because he doesn't just use one harsh acne fighting products each have like 4 different ingredients that do 4 different things. The have an anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidant in every product. They are not drying or irritating AT ALL, and i have sensitive skin too. Also some other tips that might seem more like common sense for some of you but just to let some new acne sufferers in on them:

-Wash your face very carefully with WARM(not hot) water, you should not use face washes with harsh microbeads and stuff that will irritate your skin and make your skin more red. Use washes like the Murad Clarifying Cleanser that are naturally exfoliating with Salicylic acid.
-I drink tons of water every day, 8-10 glasses. I use to drink coke all the time and the taste of water was nasty to me. i though i could never drink that much..but once you get started, you will be amazed at how much you like water.
-Here are some good vitamins for your skin and what they do:

Vitamin A-normalizes cell reproduction in your pores.
Vitamin E-good for scarring.
Vitamin C-good for your immune system and also for scarring.
Sulfur-can also be found in Broccoli

Also you should use so many products from different companies all at the same's better to use a system like Murad where everything works together...

Also one last thing, if you are on retin-a and are also using a benzoyl peroxide wash...benzoyl peroxide counteracts with retin-a and renders it ineffective.

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