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I am 17 years old and have had acne since I was about 13. I have been on amoxicillan, doxycycline, minocycline, and also some topical stuff like differin and clyndamiacin. (sp?) Nothing has cleared my acne. In fact, I think all that **** is making it worse. My first month on differin was the worst month of my life. On my last trip to the doctor he put me on minocycline and said if there was no improvement in 6 weeks to schedual a dermatologist appointment and get perscribed to accutane becuase he said he could see me beginning to scar on my cheeks. Not cool. Well suprise suprise, the minocylcine isn't doing anything so my mom called the dermatologist. My dermatologist appointment is in 1 week. I don't have the worst case of acne in history, but its definetly far from clear, its beginning to scar, and nothing else is working. Do you think he will put me on accutane? This is my first derm appointment ever so I have a feeling hes gunna pull some other treatment out of his *** and have me try it before he puts me on accutane. I've heard stories of dermatologists telling people to wait a year before they put them on accutane. If my derm says that, I seriously don't know what I will do. I cannot live like this much longer, its ruining my life. What do I do to get put on accutane? If he suggests trying something else first what should I say? I've read probably 10 accutane journals and I am positive I want to try it. Thanks for reading this. Help!

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