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Well if your doc won't give you Spiro, get a second opinon.

[B]Saw Palmetto[/B] is just as much as female herb as it is a male herb. It has special functions for each gender. It helps males with prostate problems and is also used to help women achieve a larger bust size. Didn't really give me too much of a boost in that area, nor did it clear my skin, but other women around here rave about it on both of those aspects ;-)

Saw Palmetto is what is considered both an [U]Anti-androgen [/U] and a [U]DHT Inhbitor[/U]. Some fear DHT Inhibitors because they prevent your testosterone from converting into not just DHT, but also Estrogen. I suppose this is good for males and for females concerned with estrogen related cancers. However it's active ingredient [B]Beta-Sitosterol [/B] acts as the Anti-androgen by blocking androgen receptors so that Testosterone/DHT can't function. Beta Sitosterol is much more potent (1000x) than SP and so you may want to take that if you can't get the Spiro (anti-androgen) or want a natural treatment.

[B]Vitex[/B] or [B]Chaste Tree Berry [/B] is basically a progesterone booster. If you are naturally defecient in progesterone this may be good for you. [U]Irregular periods? [/U] If you are not, this may be bad for you as progesterone is more androgenic and will convert into testosterone before it will estrogen. This is why for some people progesterone is a miracle treatment for clear skin and for others it's their worse nightmare (more acne). So you must be very aware of [U]your[/U] hormonal situation. If your doctor hasn't tested you or told you if you have a specific hormonal imbalance proceed with caution...[/QUOTE]

Thanks for the helpful info :) but i'm still a little confused...Beta Sitosterol is the active ingredient in Saw Palmetto? Will I find this with the other herbal supplements? Will this (or SP) interfere with the hormones in birth control (I'm on ortho-tricyclen for acne- not for pregnancy protection)?

On another regular physician (who perscribed me OTC, retin-A, and doxy) was the one who denied my request for Spiro. Do you think the best second opinion would come from a dermatologist, endocrinologist, or a different regular physician?

Thank you SOOOO much for your help :wave:

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