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[QUOTE=0603david]Hmmm this is a hard question. I was on Accutane twice and I know that I still had some pimples when I took my last pill. I beleive it did calm down a little more but never cleared my face up to perfection. Actually I was on it twice. I still get pimples in my T zone but nothing like before.

I can live with them and cover-up hides them where as before, I just looked like I had a bunch of big bumps.[/QUOTE]

I agree it is a tough question, but for some reason having any acne for me isn't an option. I need a completely clear face. I completely stress about every little thing on my face and it just totally freaks me out mentally to have any sort of acne on my face. I can't socialize at all with people and am just constantly thinking about it. To just hang out and talk with a girl is like hell when I know my face isn't perfect.

Now the question is, will I become 100% clear now that I'm off, it seems irrationale to me..

My derm told me to come back in 2 months, so that's obviously far to long to wait. This is a decision I must make, continue on accutane without her, or wait it out and hope for the best. As of now I am leaning towards waiting it out because she is a dermatologist and she might be right that your body only can use so much accutane then it becomes useless. But I'd rather be taking something useless as a precaution then take the risk and go without it.

Anyways, has anyone else heard of people clearing up after the accutane is done? Does anyone have any more opinions on this?

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