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This thread is old but I wanted to move it back up cause I have a few questions. Hopefully someone here will be able to answer them.

1) Why are things like bananas, corn, and peas bad? I would think such foods that occur in nature and aren't manufactured by man would be safe, at least as far as acne is concerned.
2) Why would oats be good but bread and rice be bad? I can understand why bread and rice are bad, but I would think oats would be bad for the same reason. After all, oats are man-made too, right? If plain oatmeal really is good for acne, I'll be relieved since I'm used to eating a bowl of it everyday.
3) How come nonfat yogurt is good? I was under the impression that all dairy is bad. My own experience seemed to suggest so. Milk and cheese were under the "Bad Foods" list so I was surprised to see yogurt in the "Good Foods" list. Does the fat content make a difference?
4) What about coffee? Is that something to avoid?
5) Why would anyone eat snake food? ;)

By the way, thank you so much for putting together this list. Maybe it should be a sticky.

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