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Hi there,

im a 17 year old male with moderate acne. its not cystic anymore but i get alot of very persistant acne which wont respond to anything!! :( Exactly a year ago this month i went on accutane for 6 months because i suffered from very persistant acne. it was a mixture of cysts and 'normal' acne. After about 4 months my skin started to clear up nicely and i was very pleased. i was clear until about 2 months ago when i started to gradually get more and more new breakouts.

im now getting new breakouts every day and its so depressing! i decided after reading posts on this board that i wanted to go on accutane again, so i went to my derm but he wasnt keen for me to go on it again and he persuaded me not to go on it just yet.

But now its getting even worse to the point where its really effecting my life so ive decided (again-lol) to go back on accutane.

My question is has anyone else used accutane to clear non-cystic but persistant acne? if so what were the results? and when i first took it i suffered a really bad initial breakout, i got huge cysts on both my cheeks. do people who use accutane twice have another inital breakout? if so is it as bad as the first? and will the results last any longer than the first time?

Id be really greatful for any responces because im really confused about what to do. i really want to use accutane again because its the only thing that clears me up, even if its only for a few months. but on the other hand taking accutane for six months is a big thing, so i need to know if it will be worth it.
: confused :
Just one more thing, i was on 80mg a day the first time and it has stopped me getting cysts so im happy about that, it also completely cleared my forehead, its just mainly my cheeks that are now breaking out bad. oh and i didnt suffer too badly with side effects, just dryness really.


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