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I've been using Proactiv for the last 3 months and I love it! The thing is, I've been in a tanning bed a couple of times and outside, sometimes with sunscreen, sometimes not. The skin on my upper lip appears dark now, and I'm wondering could it be the combination of sun and benzoyl peroxide in the repairing lotion? I also have light brown spots that just appeared on my upper cheeks, almost like age spots. I'm only 25 and freaking out! Will it go away? Any help is appreciated! Thanks!
I think I may have had the same thing a few years ago. Is it your actual lip thatís darker, or the skin right above your lip? When I was tanning my skin directly under my lip was darker. I donít think it had anything to do with creams. For me, it just went away after a few months.
It's the skin above my upper lip, making it look "moustache-like". I hope mine fades too. Thanks!

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