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Aug 22, 2004
Can anyone help me please? :(

I have done nothing but look in the mirror and my red face today as it is covered in breakouts and scars (I only use a thin lair or Retin-A so it can't be that before anyone says anything!

I am currently on Doxycycline and Retin-A (for 2 weeks now) I think the Doxy is working as my back looks 100x better but I am very precautious about the Retin-A (0.025%). I put Retin-A on every night before bed and I wake up with oily skin every morning and my face has been breaking out badly.

I was using Benzoyl Peroxide and it seemed to be working fine but it is not on prescription, it is a product called 'OXY ON THE SPOT' it states not to use on severe and large areas of acne and use for no more than 3 months, so I stopped.

What I want to know is...can't you get Benzoyl Peroxide on prescription so why is it so bad to use and would I be OK using it again? Will Retin-A start working for the good? Is Doxycycline good or should I just go for Accutane? what is the best out of the topicals I've had? erythromycin, Benzoyl or Retin-A?

My face got so red today I know Doxy makes you more prone to the sun so I burnt myself with a sunlamp so it would hide the marks. I live in England so don't get much sun.

Acne doesn't affect me in terms of everyday life, I have a gorgeous girlfriend and always have I've always had a good life, I never get teased but I'm 20 and my Mum tells me it doesn't look bad but that's cos she sees it everyday and it sometimes gets better, and the fact she says it to make me feel better!!! (apart from when I drink alcohol, the next day it looks awful) but I know it's bad myself all of the time (although I am paranoid about it some of my mates I ask are honest and say it does look quite bad)

Please, someone...

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