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I visited my family doctor about my acne (seeing as I couldn't get in to see the derm until October 26.)at the beginning of this month. He did perscribe .025 Tretinoin cream along with Amoxicillin. I've stopped using the Tretinoin though due to excessive irritation and peeling. I'm also taking 25 mg. of Spiro (havn't seen much a difference in oil yet) and was taking Yasmin but quit due to vomiting and constant nausea. I can definitely see a reduction in pustules which, before, I would get constantly. For the past 4 days, I've also been using my mom's Avon 2-step Glycolic Acid Chemical Peel (2 applications so far). I can definitely see a difference in my pore size already. It hasn't worked a miracle on my nose pores, but I believe it's helping. I've also been washing with Eucerin and the Proactive cream cleanser (w/ benzoil peroxide) to aide the Chemical peel with fading my hyperpigmentation.

But anyway, to answer your question, yes, doctors usually perscribe topicals w/ antibiotics. I'm approaching my 4 week taking amoxicillin and have seen a big improvement. I only have 2 pustules right now on my left cheek. before, I would have upwards to 10 on my face in clusters all around. I'm also on my period right now and it's totally new to me not to have a face full of pustules around this time. I think that's the Spiro doing its anti-androgen work. I'm extreamly happy. I think I've found my solution to clear skin! I know for a fact it's hormonal since my mom (the one who gave me the acne gene. lol My father had perfect skin his whole life) outgrew it when she got out of puberty and my brother, who had severe acne, and also took acutane which didn't work, outgrew it also around the age of 19. I'm 14, so it looks like I'm gonna be fighting this for quite a few more years.

Anyway, You don't need to know my life story. I really hope the antibiotics and topicals work for you. The have for me so far. Good luck!


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