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I'm confused about this. Some people say that grains cause acne. But another person said that oats are good for the skin. Aren't oats part of the grains food group. Can someone please clear this up for me. Will oats cause acne?
Hi Andrew29,

Grains, including oatmeal, do not cause acne. You can eat all the grains you want, as long as you don't have any allergies to them of course.
However, using anything coarse or grainy as a skin scrub on acne , would only make acne worse, and possibly cause scarring.
If I remember rightly, I think there is a book called 'The No-Grain Diet' by Dr Mercola that you might be interested in reading. I personally don't see any harm in comsuming whole grains (such as brown rice) along with your veggies. Many people find denatured grains such as white rice a problem - these refined carbs can cause an insulin surge, and hormonal surges such as this can't be beneficial for acne sufferers.

If you like oats, slow-cook them (don't use that processed instant stuff), and top with blueberries for a healthy, low GI breakfast.
What about the ground oats you buy in a big bag? I have to avoid store-bought weight gainers, so people say to make your own which include oats.
Hey =)

Grains whether you are Allergic or not, Intolerant or not, cause a variety of problems. They affect not just those with autoimmune disorders, but those that have health and hormonal problems as well. Depending on [U]what[/U] you avoid, you can usually get 95% - 100% clear skin!

If you are only concerned with the Insulin Index via Low Carbing, sure you can go whole grains, but that doesn't stop the all of the above problems they will cause for some people. Dr. Perricone advises eating whole grains and giving up more if neccessary in his book, the [B]Acne Prescription[/B]. Some found that they were able to consume wheat, if they ate these breads [B]sprouted[/B] (as this is easier to digest and improves nutrient uptake). Others end up going [B]low grain[/B], which means you consume less grains but can eat grains such as corn, rice, and/or oats.

Meanwhile other's give up Gluten Grains, by following a [B]Gluten-Free Diet [/B] Gluten is found in WHEAT, Barely, Rye, and can contaminate Oats (which explains the confusion). People on this diet consume other grains but avoid Gluten grains. If that is too much for you, others found they were quite happy giving up Wheat, as that is the most prevalently eaten grain in the U.S. The avodiance of Gluten and select Lectins is also supported by[B] [I]Eat Right For Your Type[/I] [/B] by D'adamo, especially for Type O & Type B Blood types (the most prevelant types)

There's other groups that avoid grains entirely. These would be those following the [B]Paleodiet[/B], the [B]"evil" lectin-free diet[/B], and the [B]Specific Carbohydrate Diet [/B] (from the book Breaking the Vicous Cycle). While I've read that they can allow grains, [I]The No-Grain Diet [/I] and the [I]Grain-Free Diet [/I] may also apply.

Regarding rice, there's plenty of scientific documentation that it is healthier hormonally, allergenically, and healthwise to eat it over wheat! Of course, for the sake of fiber, the more foods you eat that are whole grain, the better and let's not forget to make your vegetable intake 2/3 of your diet, or at the very least 2 - 3 veggies for ever 1 fruit ;-)

Take Care

P.S. 2 years ago, I started on the Gluten-Free diet and got 95% clear. Before I tried this, I was tested and was found to [B]not[/B] be allergic nor intolerant to Wheat/Gluten, but I am a Type O! Avoidance of other misc. items like some nuts, some fruits, & dairy got me at 99%. Mainly I only consume rice and corn grains, but sometimes I like to indulge in a Gluten-Free Cookie or two =)
Some former acne sufferers found that they can only consume unrefined oats. If you want a wieght gainer you can try that and add Brown Rice Protein Powder to the mix (do a search on the board for brands). =)

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