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I thought I will share this story with you.;;;

A month ago, I was 75% clear. I was sick and tired of haveing acne skin and blemishes. I could feel on my left cheek 2 big cysts forming beneath my skin. I immediately called my dermatologist to ask him for a solution. First thing he said was SMooth beam, in 3-4 treatments and your skin will be fine! He promises that it will shrink the oil glands and it will also help heal existing scars.

So I went for the first treatment. (It was expensive..but all I could think off was smooth skin )The experience was painful and the doctor not the least compassionate or comforting. He mentioned that there will be a minor breakout and I was prepared.

However a month past and after the second procedure, my face both cheeks are broken out with bad cystic acne. Some came up an disappeared, leaving red spots all over my face. From 75% clear ( right cheek was completely clear) , now I have so many spots on my cheeks, chin and lips , that I can barely see my skin.

I am so upset now, I don't even know what to do. My skin scars easily.
The worst part, when I went back to the dermatologist, he says well if you want .... I can put you on accutane and that will cost $2000 per mth without insurance. I felt so ripped off and so hurt. 3yrs ago, I went on accutane and I wouldn't want to go back!

I hope to all those of you who plans to get SMoothbeam, please check it out carefully and have a good doctor perform it.

If anyone have any advise to help me with my scars and blemish.. I would be very grateful. FYI.. I am asian. My skin usually breaks out 1-2 in a month...never like what I am going through now! is so severe and it happened too fast.. I haven't been going to work and I am just hiding in my room. I even stopped answering my phone.
This is my first post on this site. I have had 4 smoothbeam sessions and will be going for my fifth this coming Monday 9/13. I, like you guys, also thought about quitting after my second and even third session. Well, let me give you a little background info first. I finished my Accutane course about two and a half years ago and it completely cleared me up except for the scars. I was completely acne free for two years and then about 6 months ago I started breaking out again. It started out slowly, with maybe 1-2 pimples a week but got to the point where I was starting to get cysts again. Because I don't have insurance now, I had to look for other alternatives besides going on Accutane again because of the cost and the initial breakout. Then I heard about smoothbeam from this site and another message board. Went to the derm and he told me same thing, that it works about 95% of the time and also that it was comparable to Accutane, in that it works the same way by shrinking oil glands. Long story short, I broke out badly after the first, second, and third treatment. Only reason I didn't quit was because he seemed like an honest guy so I decided to stick it out. After the fourth one, I was getting a little upset cause it doesn't seem like it's working. My face is pretty red from all the breakout I had before, lots of red marks. I think if I remembered correctly, I had the same problem from Accutane (the red marks). Anyways, although my face is still kinda red, it seems like I'm not really getting new pimples anymore, even after nights of heavy drinking. I'm starting to think it is working. If I don't get any more new pimples after my session on Monday, then I will know for sure it is working. My jaw line, which gets many cysts, have not broken out in about 3 weeks now so I've got my fingers crossed. If only I can get rid of these damn red marks. Just thought I gave my opinion and hopefully help someone if Accutane is out of the question for them like it was for me. Take care.

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