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Your story sounds much like mine with the ups and downs. I used to use this board a couple years ago (I was 21 - 23 now) when I was going through a horrible acne episode. Although I have not been diagnosed with PCOS, I know my acne is hormone related. For basically the past 7 years I have been on a BCP. The most recent one was Yasmin. I gained about 20 pounds and did not like how I felt on the pill - I was on it for about 2 years. I stopped taking the pill about 3 months ago. Immediately I started breaking out with cysts. It made me feel awful.

So, I started seeing a Naturopathic Doctor. I proceeded to receive weekly acupuncture sessions for the past 2 months. I am now going biweekly. I have also just started taking Saw Palmetto 320mg, Pygeum africanum 100mg, Pumpkin seed oil 1000mg, and flax seed oil 1200mg per day - that is only 4 pills to swallow each day. Nothing excessive. Nothing in excess will work long term, just remember that point. If you cannot afford acupuncture - it is about $65 per session for me, I would suggest start taking the herbs. This is a natural way for your body to suppress the male hormones causing your acne. Saw Palmetto has the same mechanism of action as Spiro. But is an all natural, more safe was to regulate those androgens, DHT, and DHT receptors that are causing acne.

I do not have any cysts on my face right now - and no new pimples either. Feels pretty good. I think I have given the acupuncture enough time to really stabilize my body and ongoing treatment will help to keep it this way. It has take a good 3 months. Also, these herbs can do absolutely no harm. The worse case scenario is after 60 days you won't see a change at all. Hopefully though, they will START helping within 30-45 days.

Please try this. You can get the herbs through Puritan's Pride. Get the standardized extract of Saw Palmetto - one softgel is 320mg. Trust me, there are no soaps or topicals that come close to helping what is going on INSIDE your body. I do still use some topical treatments. I use a salicylic acid 2% face wash morning and night. I use persagel bp when needed. I also use hydrating B5 gel.

I hope my advice is taken and you get better. I know how it feels and its a bummer to be in that place. I am dealing with it. Give it some time like I said and I have a feeling it will work. Good luck!

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