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I was wondering, I have been reading lately so much about all these internal ogran cleanse you can do do clear up your system inside and I don't know, they all are very tempting to attempt although there is no guarantee that is it particularly meant for clearing up acne. I mean in theory it would work great, considering the fact that acne is an inside problem and getting to the root of it by simply detoxifying and killing the existing parasites seems like a logical cure. i just don't know whether this would work other than theoretically as well. I mean maybe i should try and give this low carbs diet a proper chance before considering doing all these cleanses. maybe by attempting this diet i will be able to rebalance my hormones and detoxify my body the most natural way.

what do you think?
It would actually make sense to do the cleanse first, followed but eating right.
Hi Joe_Dude, yes it is vital that if you are going to give cleansing any chance whatsoever of achieving optimum results you should definitely consider adopting a 'cleaner' diet (i.e. veg, fruit, nut) before and after the cleanses. The main reason for this is that it would be a waste of time cleaning out your system if you are just going to refill it with more unwanted substances like fast food, sugars, bad fats... Changing your diet 3-4 weeks before starting your cleanses would improve the chances of obtaining excellent results.

Yes in theory it sounds great, this was the main reason why I decided to try out this natural approach. However I think the results vary considerably from person to person. I thought that by adopting this 'clean' diet and detoxing I would be able to balance my hormones thus ridding my skin of acne. Unfortunately I did not have as much success as I was hoping for. It did, however, show me that my acne is almost entirely controlled by my hormones and that my diet had no effect on my skin regarding improving it past around 60-70% clarity. On the otherhand, if I eat any non-acne friendly foods then my skin is greatly affected.

I would say, however, that you do have nothing to lost. There are virtually no side-effects if you know what you are doing and have done enough research. You have to be 100% committed! At least your overall health will benefit if your skin doesn't because your internal organs will love the extra help it gets in cleaning your body.

I did a really long post on this topic with many other board members where we documented everything. A lot of them obtained great results.

If you have tried every other approach to defeating your acne including Accutane then I would definitely recommend bowel cleansing, parasite cleansing, lymph cleansing, kidney cleansing and possibly liver cleansing (which is much harder).

Good luck!

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