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I have been using tazorac on and off for about two years. I do not think it makes my skin any oilier than when i don't use it (however, I only use it at night, and then wash my face in the morning). It does cause dry patches around my nose and mouth. In fact, I think I'm not going to be able to use it anymore due to this. The skin around my nose is continually peeling and red and uncomfortable. This is unfortunate because taz really has worked to reduce acne lesions (although has not reduced oil production). Re: Yasmin. I just started it a week ago, and I actually think my skin is already less oily. I've been on spironolactone (50 mg/ day) for 4 months and it hasn't done a darn thing to reduce my oil. Hopefully, the Yasmin will continue to help. By the way, I think the only real way to combat excessive oil is by something you take orally. Topicals, at least for me, just seem to dry the surface of my skin, making it look horrible, and then the oil just shows up within an hour anyway.

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