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I just stared retin a micro, .04%. I've been on it for 5 nights and it has made my face really oily too! The weird thing is that it's really dry at the same time. LIke if i just scratch my face skin will come off. I think it might have to do w/ these topiocals we're putting on our face.
MSUStudent, with Retin-A Micro there may be times during the initial phase that the oil seems to get worse. It is important that you use a very gentle cleanser made for problem prone skin (ex. Spectro Jel). Also, if you are using Clindamycin it will also contribute to the oily sheen. I seemed to have found a way to get rid of the oilyness. I mean, of course I still get oily after maybe 6 hours or so but it's not as bad as before. If you are applying things to your face after washing the Retin-A off in the morning then that will also create sheen. I find when rinsing in the morning use your fingers to gently rub off the skin where it seems to shed the most. You'll see it rolling up in little balls to rinse off. It's absolutely amazing how soft my face feels since using RAM. It also has made other topicals (ex. Clindamycin and Benzoyl Peroxide) way more effective. That I have definatly noticed. I'm very happy with my results after 3.5months of use.

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