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Everyone seems to think the more vitamins, etc that we take will clear up our acne. I am one who does the same; however, I was just thinking the other day if it can really be that good for our bodies to be popping in sometimes up to 10 different pills a day? I will give a list of what I take in a single day and if anyone has any suggestions on things I could eliminate or things I should be taking that would be great!!!

1. Birth Control Pills
2. Prenatal Multi Vitamin ( helps your hair/nails grow faster)
3. Biotin (2x a day)
4. Super B Complex (1-2x a day)
5. Acidolphus (2x a day)
6. Cold Pressed Flax Oil ( TBSP a day)
7. Gugguls (1-2 pills 2-3x a day)
8. Zinc (60mg once a day)

I was debating on whether or not I was gonna reorder GUGGULS and if I should go purchase some Vitamin B5.......Does anyone have thoughts on taking B5 and also already taking a B complex supplement? Is that too much?
I just want to try and figure out what of those eight supplements is actually working and then eliminate the others. I do have to say though since I added Biotin, Cold Pressed Flax, Zinc, and Super B Complex I have been pretty clear. I have added those now for about a week and the new pimples I do get are very small (hardly noticeable) and go away rapidly.

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