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[QUOTE=shannamarie36]Im really paranoid to buy the cheap makeup and cleansers. I guess I just have this thought that the more expensive ones will work better. I currently use a powder by MAC and have a foundation by Prescriptives which I dont use anymore. Do you think I should continue with MAC or try out the cheaper stuff?[/QUOTE]

how do you feel those more expensive products are doing for your skin?...if they arent causing any problems then maybe you should stay.... ive never used any expensive makeups before..i cant afford it, but i do have some friends who use nothing but MAC and other stuff like that, and i dont see a difference compaired to my stuff (i actually think im coming out ahead by not paying $25 bucks on a tiny thing of eyeshadow)...i think your basically just paying for the name. ---On the other hand, foundation and powder are different. If i found out that MAC or other more pricy makeup brands had a product (foundation or powder) known to help or better your skin i might fork out the money to try it. But otherwise i feel pretty safe buying something at Longs that has to do with helping skin because i have been using those ones for years... so there are different ways to look at it i guess: being more expensive does make you think your getting a better product but sometimes its not the case.
i think i would be more apt to buy something from MAC if i already had clear skin, because im kind of scared it would make me break out, and i havent really heard anything about their makeup helping with acne besided maybe just covering it up. The makeup i suggested has ingrediants that will help skin as you wear it.
so maybe you should try out something new if your looking for a change and more affordable alternative..if your going to switch foundation i would try out the 'Healthy Skin liquid makeup from Neutrogena' first...its more milder than the other one which has salicylic acid (so, less drying) ...and has alot of good qualities about it...even so it might not work for everyone, it took me a while to find one im comfortable with. So if your not happy with it just ask around some more and look at the ingrediants in stuff too. :cool:

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