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hey this is what i do and have been doing for a while now and, well it seems to work for me as good as it can work with blemishes and crap on your face.
i have mild acne, well i probably shouldnt even call it acne..but like shannamarie, i always seem to have a zit somewhere or a red mark, mostly red marks...anyway...

first i wash my face i just switched to phisoderm seems to be good. its pretty much the only one at the store i found with no fragrance and thats what i hate...fragrance: dosnt do your face any good.... then before i put on my makeup i put a little fruit of the earth 100% aloe vera on my face ...just a little and let dry, then use your face moisturiser for any aditional dry spots...i use aloe now because its simple and i found that using my face moisturiser all over my face had to many complex ingredants so i just use that for dry spots...but i do think its important to use some sort of moisturiser under makeup because if you dont your makeup can look dry and cakey. i also apply makeup with a damp(not too damp) makeup sponge.

i use nutrogena foundation...i alternate between "skin clearing-flawless finish blemish treatment with salaclic acid' & "healthy skin makeup" actually scared to use anything else for fear it will clog my pores..because these are for bad skin..and i figure it has salaclic acid in it and at least will be doing a little help through out the day...

as for concelear...i dont use it..again for fear it will clog pores and make the situation worse...instead, i use my foundation as a concelear too...first i put foundation evenly .(i wash my makeup sponge every time, so it will be a little damp when applying, i find it keeps things even and smooth) .then keep dabing a little more over blemishes until they are covered...i use the corner of the makeup sponge to do will get the hang of the tecknique if you practice... i think this way works good because i dont want the trouble of matching seperate concelers with the foundation and i think it keeps things blended well...also it dosnt look like makeup is piled on your face...

for the finishing touch..i think its important to lightly brush specifically: loose translucent powder over each blemish then your whole face...lightly! sets the foundation and also camulflagues and smothes your face...i really love using it because i really do think it does wonders...translucent.. the benefits of powder without the cakeness absorbes oil too....after that you can use a little bit of regular powder in your color if you think you look too white....but translucent first

ok sorry that was really long but i tried to be as specific as possible to help in any way.. .so use all or even one tip from here if you want.. i stick to this and it helps me cover blemishes pretty good and naturally...good luck!
for the translucent powder i always get "Loreal Hydra Perfect-perfecting loose powder" works good i havent had any problems with it.. it comes in a little plastic jar..i think its too bulky to be carrying around with me incase of touchups throughout the day, so i pour some into a empty compact and use it from there..and use a makeup brush to for the pressed powder i use "Almay-Skin stays Clean-pore minimising powder".... i also apply that with a brush too because i dont want to wipe away my foundation and it wont put it on too heavy....another good powder i would lean on is from "Cornsilk"..i dont see a name on it but its in a blue compact and mine is no color...this is good too because it seems to get rid of oil and isnt too heavy...

the thing about all this makeup is that its for helping i feel better wearing it and i dont really worry to much about it cloging my pores.. and ive been using all this same stuff for a long time now with out any problems (no problems caused by the makeup) just sure theres other good products out there but i rely on typical drug stores to get my stuff and from the selections there, these are good.

as for moisturizer.. i started using the aloe vera for a couple weeks now (fruit of the earth 100% gel) that works good..and also Clean and clear dual action moisturiser in addition, but i think im going to try to find one with out fragrance...even though its been working pretty good it does have a little fragrance and i want to get away from that.. .

this isnt really a makeup product but the thing ive found that helps deminish zits and blemishes really good (the first step to easier makeup application) Ponds overnight blemish reducers...i love love them...there little sticky dots you can put on zits or scars and i really notice the healing after a few times..i really recommend these...some people say they dont stick good but they do if you just wash your face and dry it..your face needs to be dry and they will stick good.. also for smaller blemishes you can cut them in half ..i think this product works best for people who have mild acne...because i dont have acne all over my face but these eventually control what i do have..and if you "accedently" pick a zit there life savers...if you cant find them at stores in your area, like me, you can order them online.

i know you asked for a "simple" regimen..but this is the simplest way ive found that is actually effective for me..its my comfort zone... . if you have any more questions dont hesitate! :)
[QUOTE=shannamarie36]Im really paranoid to buy the cheap makeup and cleansers. I guess I just have this thought that the more expensive ones will work better. I currently use a powder by MAC and have a foundation by Prescriptives which I dont use anymore. Do you think I should continue with MAC or try out the cheaper stuff?[/QUOTE]

how do you feel those more expensive products are doing for your skin?...if they arent causing any problems then maybe you should stay.... ive never used any expensive makeups before..i cant afford it, but i do have some friends who use nothing but MAC and other stuff like that, and i dont see a difference compaired to my stuff (i actually think im coming out ahead by not paying $25 bucks on a tiny thing of eyeshadow)...i think your basically just paying for the name. ---On the other hand, foundation and powder are different. If i found out that MAC or other more pricy makeup brands had a product (foundation or powder) known to help or better your skin i might fork out the money to try it. But otherwise i feel pretty safe buying something at Longs that has to do with helping skin because i have been using those ones for years... so there are different ways to look at it i guess: being more expensive does make you think your getting a better product but sometimes its not the case.
i think i would be more apt to buy something from MAC if i already had clear skin, because im kind of scared it would make me break out, and i havent really heard anything about their makeup helping with acne besided maybe just covering it up. The makeup i suggested has ingrediants that will help skin as you wear it.
so maybe you should try out something new if your looking for a change and more affordable alternative..if your going to switch foundation i would try out the 'Healthy Skin liquid makeup from Neutrogena' first...its more milder than the other one which has salicylic acid (so, less drying) ...and has alot of good qualities about it...even so it might not work for everyone, it took me a while to find one im comfortable with. So if your not happy with it just ask around some more and look at the ingrediants in stuff too. :cool:

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