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Aug 29, 2004
hey i am goign to be turning 18 soon and i have had pimples for the past 6 years. it had been very difficult to go through high school with it, and see that others never even have one. i wish i could go to pool parties, or hang out at the beach but i hate being in a bathing suit and everyone seeying my back. i hate havign to try and think of an excuse to give to ppl, because they always say "whast wrong you dont want to show off you body in a bathing suit, your so pretty".. but i never have the guts to say "well my back is much worse then my face with pimples". i had tried so many creams, but i live in canada and to get stronger acne creams you need priscriptions and its hard to get doctors apointments, my mom always said that i would grow out of it, and whenever we went to the states or had friends come up we would ask them to stop by the pharmacy to buy me creams(how embarassing). finally a year ago i got a dermotologist and she priscribed me with more creams and soaps and finally the pill diane 35.i was so happy the pill was working for me..prom was coming around the corner and i was thinking it will all be gone i can wear my strapless i bought one..and then my derm told me she is taking me off the pill, she was afraid that beign on it for more then a year would increase the chances of me having blood i had to stop, all the pimples came back, prom arrived and i felt like *****. summer past i found ways not to go swimming with my dermotologist finally said i could start using antibiotics, minocycline. i started college the other day and i was hoping i could start fresh with no acne and be able to wear what i want, but no..all i have goign for me is the weather and the fact that in the cold winter i wont want to be showing my back off anyhow. well in the end i would like to knwo if anyone has used minocycline and if it works? were there bad side effects? and how long did it take for it to see visible results? thanks guys hope to hear from someoen. take care

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