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I am 28 years old, and besides the occasional pimple, I never had "acne", not even as a teenager, until about 3 years ago. I've tried differin and tazorac, both were much too irritating for my skin. And of course I've tried dozens of OTC creams, lotions and potions :) Interestingly, I tolerate benzoyl peroxide alright, but it only helps a tiny bit.

I am extremely pale complected in general, but my face turns red at the slightest irritation or when I am hot. I've read SO much conflicting info about [B]how to treat very sensitive, oily, outbreak prone skin![/B] Lately I have been thinking I need to exfoliate, but am afraid of doing more damage than good.

I'm so tired of trying different things based on commercials or convincing there anyone with skin like mine who give me some advice? Thanks a million!
Well, of course you still have to wash your face each day and the exoliated skin cells will wash off then. What I mean by leaving it on is that you don't want a product such as a cleanser that has BHA or AHA in it, cause it doesn't stay on your skin long enough to do any good.

Now, what are you talking about spending $70 or $80? You don't have to get the whole kit - you can buy the products individually to try them out. Why not get just the AHA or BHA and see how you like it, and if your skin tolerates it? If it's working, then try some other products. I believe that for the next few days Paulas Choice is offering free shipping on orders of $40 or more, so maybe you could get a few PC things to try and save on the shipping.

Here is what I use. FYI I am 40 years old, with oily/combo acne prone skin. I never got ance until I hit my 30's, and then my skin went nuts. Before I started using these products my skin was broken out all the time, and dry and red from using harsh products.


PC Cleanser
PC toner
PC BHA Solution
PC sunscreen

PC toner (i use to remove my makeup)
Either PC AHA or PC Benzoyl Peroxide (I alternate each night)
jojoba oil to moisturize

This has gotten my skin under control finally.

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