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well..i just got proactiv, and im on my second week, so far it has made my skin worse!!!, its soo frustrating,ive been getting a lot of pimples on my cheeks, chin and forehead (i rarely get pimples on my forehead and chin), im hoping that maybe this is just my skin reacting to a new product ( i used to heavily rely on clearasil, it used to work wonders, but im guessing my skin grew tolerant to it , so it doesnt work anymore). So i'm gonna try it out for a third week, but if my skin does not improve by then, im cancelling!

proactiv comes w/3 main things

the cleanser- which has little things in it that exfoliate your skin , i think those things are to blame for my the little red scars im getting!!! and im not so sure if it really does a good job cleaning off dirt because whenever i use my toner i always find dirt !!!

the toner- sometimes it burns my skin and leaves my face overdried..... but myabe im just overwashing myf ace or something.. it also smells kinda funny

the lotion- the lotion is okay, it feels soft and smooth..but i question whether its doing its job!!

i went on a Proactiv testimonial search online today, and to my dissapointment, ive read a LOT more of people complaining w/bad results then success stories of ProActiv.

but what i have realized is that the product results depends on the person ( i know! its not fair!!! ), for example, my best friends sister tried it and it didnt work, yet my cousin and aunt have tried it and they claim that it has helped them.

it mite also be on how the person uses proactive... maybe im overdoing it w/the toner, i suggest you order the cheapest package..and try that out first. Im just really happy that they give you a full refund if the products dont work =) thats probably the only reason why i agreed to try this.

after reading all those reviews and seems that proactive doesnt clear up your skin completely... it does some improvement (if you have severe acne it will probably work better, but if you have a few acne problems i dont think the results will be as rewarding), something i found out that i really disliked... if you start using ProActiv and then quit, your acne will come back and come back WORSE then ever before ( maybe its a company secret to keeping their customers? lol) it seems that with proactiv, its only a temporary solution to the acne, proactiv bottles dont last too long, for example my lotion is a lot more emptier than any of my other bottles!

acne ruins lives! lol.i hope that you find a solution to advice is...try out proactiv ( and carefully follow the directions and read all the details and the little handbook, i think its really important that you do it the right way)...if it doesnt work..u can always get a refund =D!!!

i hope i was somewhat helpful...

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